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Top Four Reasons to Join Skyward

Unbeatable Training

Skyward marks our success by tracking per agent productivity. Our focus on the success of each individual agent means our coaches, training materials, and accountability programs are unmatched. Whether you choose to start in rentals or luxury sales, we have the necessary experience and knowledge to set you up for success.

Best Splits

We are a cloud brokerage operating with a cap model, meaning you work to earn 100% of your commissions. We make sure our agents keep the majority share of their money. Agents are the business, why should they give away their hard earned commissions?


Skyward is a cloud platform with boutique locations around the city. That gives you the foundation to work anywhere your business takes you. We believe that technology and individual agents drive our business, so we operate our training and transactions primarily in the cloud. This model allows us to embrace the future while giving our agents the highest possible commission splits.


There isn't a rival close to our Tech Package. With Nestio, OLR, Compit, Urban Digs (just to name a few) and the prioritization of new video, camera, and marketing technology, we provide our agents with the tools they need to compete and win in the NYC market. The century old model of real estate is shifting, join a company nimble and quick enough to help you achieve your dreams.

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